Victoria Stiles

SUP Yoga Instructor

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“With her belief that the mind is one’s only barrier, Victoria brings to her classes a chance to challenge yourself while creating space to be playful and feel alive.”

Victoria was born and raised in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Growing up she was a gymnast, cheerleader, and dancer although she did not feel as though she found her “passion.” During her high school years she would attend Hatha yoga classes with her mom. At the time it was just a way to bond with her mother while finding an outlet to let go of those teenage stressors. After graduation from high school, Victoria decided to take a big leap and attend West Virginia University studying Psychology. Two years at WVU went by and her yoga practice diminished as she was drinking weekly and 20 lbs heavier than when she arrived. In the darkest of times is when she was introduced to whom is now her husband. He carried with him the belief that anyone has the power to turn their life around and that anyone can break through barriers that they set for themselves. With his influence, Victoria was able to stand up again and hit the ground running. From that point on, she was determined in all things. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology in 3 and a half years, lost 25 lbs, picked up her practice of yoga, and married the man that helped her to get on her feet again.

After graduation she and her hubby moved to Oahu, Hawaii for his first duty station. It was there that Victoria was opened up to a whole new world of yoga. She began to practice Bikram yoga, AcroYoga, Paddle Board Yoga, and many other styles. Because of this she was drawn to the Hawaii Yoga Institutes 200 hr Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training. After completing her 200 hr YTT, she decided she wanted more and continued on to complete a Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training. Victoria did not originally plan on becoming a yoga teacher, she just wanted to deepen her practice and develop more of an appreciation for yoga. After her teacher trainings she felt as though she had to share this passion with others and started teaching classes all along the west side of Oahu. She encourages her students to challenge themselves and to step outside of their comfort zone while helping them release their inner child, especially through Paddle Board Yoga Classes. “There is no better Savasana than laying on a paddle board, fingertips and toes floating with the waves, and the salty breeze brushing your face. That is what I call pure bliss.”

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