Practicing Yoga on the waves of the Pacific Ocean in Hawai’i has been a great honor & privilege. Since I’ve been living on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, I’ve taken classes with Ashley, Leah & Karly. Each one of them are spectacular, clear, and encouraging instructors, not to mention wonderfully creative photographers. What I love most about SUP Yoga is the connection to earth, ocean, and all of nature. Its a most humbling experience to feel the waves lap at your feet & the sun shine down on your skin while in Shavasana resting pose, while the sky lights up above the horizon. I just want to extend by eternal thanks & gratitude to Yoga Kai for welcoming me, and encourage anyone who is curious about the practice to leap at the opportunity to take your energy onto the waves at Magic Island.
— Lindsey L.

This was the first time for me and my husband at SUP yoga. We were honestly a bit intimidated at first but it turned out to be a great experience. We are not yogis but wanted to try it since we were in Hawaii surrounded by the beautiful ocean scenery. You don’t have to be athletic to do this (trust me, neither of us are coordinated or fit). We were in shallow water and could modify the yoga poses to our ability. They also take pictures which was really cool.
— Helen J.

Amazing, NICEST owner (and probably human) around! Went with my future sis-in-law. Tried to book online but unfortunately they don’t tell you how many spots remain so one of us got left off- Ashley was nice enough to rebook us so we could be in a class together. She was so helpful setting up class, and especially during the class. She walked you through everything and reminded you of staying centered on the board and keeping your eyes on the horizon. They take so many pictures during the class and offered to post them so we can have copies for free. She even left “play time” at the end to try whatever poses we wanted on the boards.

She offers private classes at request, so I’m looking forward to doing this as a girls outing! Will definitely be back.
— MC R.

First time on a paddle board doing yoga. Totally awesome instructors and it blends my love of yoga and my love of the ocean. Definitely would do it again!!! They also offer land yoga classes at Ala
Moana during sunset Mahalo!!
— Judy P.

I have never felt as POWERFUL as I did after SUP yoga with Ashley today! It was my first time ever stepping on a paddle board, and I was worried I’d be falling in every 5 seconds, or that I’d be shaky and unable to move. I was so wrong! Ashley offered adjustments and tips to improve our balance and help ground us, in addition to making everyone in class feel like a yoga superstar. I fell in once, after which Ashley congratulated me and gave me a high five. I have mild motion sickness, and I felt totally fine. In short, if you’re worried that this practice will be too difficult, TRY IT! You’ll surprise yourself!
— Alexa G.

This experience was so much more than just a workout. I’ve done yoga plenty of times before but the stand up paddle board yoga at Yoga Kai left me the most relaxed I’ve ever been after a yoga session. Please note that I believe you have to be somewhat athletic and fit to do this. You have to be able to carry a heavy paddle board, walk with it across the sand, paddle out to a calm area of water and perform yoga moves on an unstable surface. But if you are athletic in any way do not miss an opportunity to do this! You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I wore a bikini but others wore workout shorts and wetsuits. Just make sure that you’re comfortable stretching out and moving around in your clothes and be aware that you might possibly fall into the water. There are also lockers to keep your sandals and other belongings in while you’re there.

I’d highly recommend this class. It was such an unforgettable experience clearing my mind as I bobbed and swayed serenely on the water while attempting to pose gracefully. The yoga moves are doable even if you haven’t practiced yoga before. The instructor also takes pictures of everyone which she posts on their Facebook page so you can get them for free. You can also ask to take pictures in specific poses or if you’re with a group of people.
— Christine G.

What an incredible experience!! Taking yoga on a paddle board takes your practice to another level! It is so peaceful to be on the water and listening to the waves as your practice. We also did a class at sunset, which was absolutely beautiful! Leah is so sweet and helps guide you through this experience on the water! She also takes pictures for you while you flow through your practice! It’s a great workout and active meditation :)
— Lexi D.

I am so happy to have found YogaKai. I purchased a class package on groupon or living social (can’t remember which) a couple years ago not having ever experienced SUP Yoga. I was nervous my first class but it didn’t take long after the class began for the nerves to completely dissipate and I was able to appreciate the peace that practicing on the water presents. Leah absolutely radiates kindness and she along with all the YogaKai instructors have a special way of making everyone in class feel comfortable no matter what yoga background you arrive with. They lead you with clear instructions and help guide you in connecting with yourself and the elements surrounding you. The water and wind add an extra push for you to focus on your body and find your balance but no worries! Even if you happen to fall in, the water is shallow and you just stand right up and hop back on your board! Modifications are offered for every pose so the class is truly meant for everyone. I’ve been in several classes where there were folks that couldn’t even swim or have never been on a SUP board before.

The equipment provided is top notch and after using their boards - I decided to purchase a BOGA for myself. Also, they take pictures throughout class and post them on Facebook where you can go and snag them all at no cost. I seriously have soooo many photos from Yogakai but they never get old! The photos are an added bonus especially if you’re on vacation...I take everyone that visits me to a Yogakai class and they love that they can take that memory home with them in the physical form.

This class is so fun! I find myself smiling throughout most of every class. It’s really hard to have a bad day after starting it with Yogakai. They also have sunset classes which offer the most amazing sunset views.
— Beverly A.