Star Brown

SUP Yoga Instructor

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Star started her yoga journey when she was a spritely teen with a lot of angst in high school. Yoga was first introduced to her in sports camp where her aunt Roxy taught a group of girls, including herself, the ways of yoga. It was foreign to Star but she remembered glowing and a sense relief wash over her in Savasana. The experience stuck with her as she began practicing Anusara yoga off and on in her college years. There, she struggled with anxiety and uncertainty in her collegiate field. But she found that every time she committed herself to yoga, it offered release and peace. She had finally found serenity and a stillness that her soul relished.

After graduating with a BS in Communication at Uarts, Star knew she was probably not going to use her degree. So in 2012, she chose to take a leap of faith. She moved to Hawaii knowing she wanted to heal and be healed by the mana of this aina so she received her certification to massage and began to help people feel well. She also enrolled in a CNA program at Windward Community College. She continued with her yoga practice trying out various styles from hatha to bikram to vinyasa flow. From there, she got her 200hr YTT at HYI and completed her SUP teacher training through Yoga Kai shortly after graduating.

Star knew from the moment she splashed into the water after attempting crescent lunge on the board that she was going to teach SUP yoga. Being outside on the ocean and under the blue sky practicing pranayama on a board and connecting with oneself is a gift. With the hectic pace of life, committing to a mindful, practice on the board is uplifting and fun. She believes the best way to go about stress is to not take oneself so seriously and to remember to inhale courage and exhale fear.

Star offers all levels yoga with a bit of a funky flow. Sweat, laugh, be challenged, fall in and soak up the sun while practicing how to balance and breathe together. Her wish for the ocean yoginis who come to class is to feel lighter and cultivate their yoga practice in a supportive and safe community.



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