Kai - Hawaiian word for "Ocean" or "The Sea"

Leah Vernon, Yoga Kai Founder

Leah Vernon, Yoga Kai Founder


If you have practiced yoga before, you have a good idea what yoga is and what it does for you on a personal level. Often times, however, our practice can become monotonous and we crave something new, challenging and fun. Welcome to Yoga Kai! Yoga Kai brings the art of Yoga into a blissful union with Stand-Up Paddle Boarding.

Upon the crystal waters surrounding Oahu, enjoy a class that challenges your posture and technique while leaving you rejuvenated. Though don’t misinterpret that this is a venture for only the very experienced Yogis. With Yoga Kai, less is more. Simple yoga poses are all you need to develop body awareness, and taking them on the board just enhances that awareness.

Your balance and form will be tested when you feel the movement of the board beneath your hands and feet. The water has a wonderful way of letting you know when adjustments should be made. All the while you will be enjoying fresh air, majestic scenery and the fun that only the ocean offers. Your asana will be exposed to a bliss it may have seldom seen or felt before.

~ Leah Vernon, Yoga Kai Founder