Leah Vernon

Yoga Kai Founder & Marketing Director


After moving to Hawaii in early 2014,  Leah was quickly inspired to take my practice outside of the studio and eventually onto a paddle board. Once she discovered that SUP was an actual activity, it sparked her interest to share it with others.  She had already received my 200RYT and it was just four short months after her move that she decided to go back to the mainland to complete her SUP Yoga training. Once she returned to the island, she completed a lifeguard certification as well and began the process of building Yoga Kai. At the same time, SUP Yoga was building a name for itself.  

She was the first to start practicing at Ala Moana Beach Park which was both exciting and challenging.  At the time, it wasn’t popular so she had to create a system and figure everything out as she went. All she wanted to do was be on the water, to guide students through a new experience, and to make new friends making every bit of work well worth it. We hope you enjoy what she has worked so hard to build and continue to strengthen and grow. Love and light friends! KEEP RISING!