Ashley Mason

Yoga Kai Owner-Operator, SUP Yoga Instructor & Teacher Training Lead

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"The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer." F. Nansen

Ashley used to think that it was impossible to thrive and support herself simply by doing what she loves, and spent years sitting behind various desks as a result. By 2013, she had finally had enough of living out of fear of failure and decided to follow her dreams and live a life of passion and purpose. Not long thereafter she was teaching full time for CorePower Yoga, which brought her to O'ahu in 2015.

When she arrived to the island she sought out to find sup yoga to find just one floating stuio; Yoga Kai. That's how she met our founder, leah. The two sup yoginis became fast friends and when it came time for Leah to return to mainland in 2017 and pass on the legacy of Yoga Kai, she honored ashley with ownership of oahu's premier sup yoga studio. Since then, Yoga Kai has grown by leaps and bounds including the expansion of our o'ahu ohana, adding new class formats, and establishing our 2nd and 3rd floating studio locations on island.

Creating space for herself and Yoga Kai to thrive in Hawai'i may have taken a little longer than it would have if she had stayed in her corporate desk job back on mainland, but getting to share her love for yoga and the ocean has proven to be a timeless and limitless joy that fuels her from within and expands far and wide.

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